Extention for automatic updating of prices and availability of goods MAVRui v.2.0.2 in the Opencart online store

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MAVRui - is a module for import supplier price lists in the format Microsoft Excel or XML (link)  with subsequent automatic processing and price analysis, availability of the products in your online retail store. The extension also compares prices for goods from several suppliers and selects the minimum one.

Automatization and management of suppliers prices lists

The module helps to automatize work with XLS, XLSX, XML providers price lists, Excel formats. Add-on can import new products for your store or for your vendors.

This is the real CRM cooperation with providers.

What issues can this module solve?

•        Complete automatization of work with providers’ price lists and store’s stock. You do not need to check it every time whether the item is on the price’s list, convert prices into one format and upload each separately.

•        You can manage the prices on the site according to the RRP markups compared to wholesale prices. You do need to sell goods, which are not in stock so that your clients will never be upset as for the absence of the goods in the provider's stock.

•        You will always sell the goods according to the current price. The module will automatically set prices for the store, the price list of your store will always be up-to-date. You will always have the required marginality.

•        You can track any pricing changes – any new goods, price changes, stock. After every price list update, you will always have the correct information: which products are still missing from your site, which goods changed the pricing and how.

•        You can unload your content managers as well as the purchasing department. When you set up the provider once in the module, the pricing and the stock will be automatized in your store.

•        Fast and simple way to import new products or start a fresh store from scratch. General notifications

Categories linking

You can map categories from import files with categories in your store.

Complete logs for work

Every price-list update is logged. You can always check:

•        Which goods are missing from the stock

•        How many products were included/excluded

•        Which goods changed the price and for how much

•        Which goods changed in quantity and for how much

Which formats does the module work with?

•  Any file in XML format. The module is able to work with any file structure. If there is no similar structure in the templates, then write to the technical support of the module support@technotema.com and you will be provided with an XML structure handler file for free.

•  Any file in XLS, XLSX, CSV. The module can work with these price-list formats as well.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I can give you a trial version for 10 days.

The module provides an automatic markup percentage on the price using the formula. The formula to calculate  the markup price is quite flexible and can be split into many ranges

Opencart CMS 3.x, 4.x, Ocstore CMS 3.x     Demo -   https://technotema.com/mavr/   (login - mavr, password - mavr)

Instructions for use